You know how a small or mid sized Children’s clothing business works isn’t it. Am quite sure your story is in some way similar too.

You have taken a decision to invest your savings, energy and time to start a small retail outlet, a boutique, an e-commerce or a home based business. At the inception of your business you have capital to expend on your first stock of goods for your shop opening. You reach out to various places and begin to buy to put together an impressive collection of goods for your shop and the initial travelling to markets and the buying experience is quite interesting.

Now, as your business becomes more established you begin to feel the need to gradually expand your product categories to make your varieties more inviting and all encompassing to meet your customers wider tastes and needs. You also realize by now that you need to replenish your depleting inventories in smaller quantities on a monthly basis. You now try to scan the supply market for new goods but the sourcing experience now changes to becoming much burdensome as time passes because you now have to buy for smaller budgets across multiple categories month over month. You begin to slowly feel the pinch because your former wholesalers do not show interest in smaller volumes.

Has this been your pain story too ? It surely was our story too when we began our 2 retail outlets when we realized that the small and mid sized clothing retail selling segment is hugely under-served, where the owners need a good supply partner to help them with their growing and evolving needs. That is how our idea for a wholesale business that is founded on supplying goods based on the following customer requirements was born.

Low Quantities
Assortment of Designs / Sizes
Multiple Categories
Shipping to your Door
Anytime Stock Availability
Easy Sales Platform
Flexible Payment Channels

We now supply to over 200+ Retail customers India-wide and are growing our footprint faster than we imagined and planned for. We look forward to alleviating your pains and being of help too. Thanks for you interest in our business and taking the time to visit our website. If you would like to discuss about your needs, please do not hesitate to call me at +91-9677754111.




Low minimum order quantities and mixed assortments of sizes / designs


Stocks are available in inventory all year round for all regions / seasons


We service 45+ categories of products in the Kids clothing segment


Our tech platform and flexible payment channels ease the buying process